Why is ToF camera so popular on smartphone ?

Inherent advantage of ToF camera is simple and robust. It consists of only two key components: the imager and a single flash lighting module. Therefore,tof camera module is very small, suitable for space-critical applications, such as smart phones, and can easily achieve stable mass production.

ToF camera uses only one infrared light source to directly measure the depth and amplitude information in each pixel. In an actual scene, highly reliable distance information and grayscale images of the complete scene can be obtained through the measured phase difference and amplitude value between the emitted light and the received light. In this process, ToF can keep power consumption at a very low level and can provide fast data collection for real-time operation. In addition, the depth data processing required by the ToF camera is lower than other algorithm-intensive depth sensing technologies such as structured light or stereo vision, so additional power can be saved on the application processor. Because tof camera has many advantages, it is widely used in smart phones.

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