Using Time-of-Flight (ToF) Sensors for Fall Monitoring

Mar 15, 2023

DMOM2508CL Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor is a type of depth sensor that It can be used for fall monitoring by detecting changes in the subject’s position.
To monitor falls,DMOM2508CL ToF sensor can be placed in a fixed position in the room where the subject is expected to be, such as the bedroom or living room. DMOM2508CL can then track the subject’s movements and detect when a fall occurs based on changes in their position and orientation.
Some of the benefits of using DMOM2508CL ToF sensor for fall monitoring include its ability to operate in low-light conditions, its low power consumption, and its relatively low cost compared to other types of depth sensors.
DMOM2508CL ToF sensor can be integrated with other technologies such as wearable devices, smart home systems, or emergency response systems to provide a more comprehensive fall monitoring solution. For example, if a fall is detected, the system could automatically alert a caregiver or emergency services.
The following are the parameters of DMOM2508CL ToF sensor, welcome to use.

No. Parameter Description
1 Sensor global shutter
2 Resolution 320*240
3 Pixel size 15um
4 Sensor Size 1/3”
5 Dimensions 21.00mm * 9.50mm * 6.33mm
6 Frame rate 10-30fps
7 Measurement range 0.2-2m
8 FOV 71.8°(H) * 56.6°(V)
9 Distortion <2.5%
10 Illumination 940nm,3W
11 Input Clock 27MHz
12 Power Supply Sensor:3.3V single power supply,>=300mA


13 Power consumption 340mW,Typ
14 Depth accuracy <=1%/<=1cm
15 Interface MIPI CSI-2,2 lanes


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