People Counting

DOMI ToF sensor specially designed for people counting & tracking

Advanced 3D TIME-OF-FLIGHT People Counting sensors with 98% counting accuracy. Tracking and counting people entering and exiting.

It is suitable for buildings and rooms of all sizes, even those with multiple entrances & exits. These features making it easier for managers to make data-driven decisions in order better optimize space utilization.

DOMI ToF DMOM9150 for people counting
DOMI ToF module for people counting

Why use people counting devices ?

  • People counting technology forms the basis for a range of high-tech solutions, help us to make effective decisions.
  • Understand premise, workplace and room usage.
  • Optimise your building layout and staffing levels.
  • Saving costs, reducing energy consumption, improving efficiency.


TOF sensor DM_SV001_F1

DM_SV001_F1 TOF sensor provide more accurate and detailed information about the surroundings, enabling smarter decision-making for the smart home system.

ToF camera DMOM2501A

DMOM2501A ToF camera is a special purpose, low-cost smart solution with novel 3D imaging capture technology using VCSEL illumination.

RGBD sensor DM_RGBD_5002A

DM_RGBD_5002A RGBD sensor can be used in Smart TV/Phone, intelligence appliance, 3D printing, wearable device and machine vision as an embedded module in order to be implemented depth perception and human-computer interaction.