About DOMI

DOMI concentrates on the development, production and marketing of Time of Flight (ToF) Sensors and image-processing vision sensors.with which their customers can measure, detect, guard and position better. Or in other words: DOMI ToF sensors with which the customers can improve automate their processes as a whole.

Our Vision

We dedicate ourselves to pinpointing and overcoming the challenges of the future with our innovative sensor technologies.Our aim is to remain one step ahead and be able to offer our customers the most innovative products on the market.

Our Mission

We place our customers at the center of all our actions. We unceasingly strive for targeted innovation in the field of sensor technologies. We are firmly committed to improving the quality of our products and processes on an ongoing basis.

Our Team

DOMI brings together the extensive experience of industry experts. Our team has accumulated decades of combined experience inside the machine vision industry. All our processes are focused on customer service and product quality. We support our customers - no matter where in the world and in which language.

About DOMI Corporation