Tof camera applied to smart logistics

DOMI tof camera be widely used in distance measurement, SLAM, 3D scanning reconstruction, obstacle avoidance, etc. of various robots. Today, I will explain what functions can be achieved by applying tof camera to smart logistics?
Tof camera can be an upgrade to the traditional logistics industry, for example, the application of DOMI tof camera in the logistics industry. We know that trailers need to be deployed in real time based on information such as inventory and trailer loading when loading goods. In the past, it was estimated by human eyes, which was inefficient and inaccurate. We have cooperated with companies in the logistics industry to mount a Tof camera on the trailer, so that the loading and progress of multiple trailers can be measured in real time. Load the most goods within a period of time, improve space utilization and loading efficiency, and save a lot of costs for the company.

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