Wide Distance Range,  Heigh Accuracy,  Heigh Performance

DOMO3006A is a new lidar solution suitable for drones, service robots and industrial AGVs. It has the characteristics of small size, low cost, excellent performance and strong resistance to ambient light, so it can be widely used in various applications. Scenes.


Low power consumption,  Precise and compact,  Easy to use, Competitive system cost

DMOM2508CL is a tiny 3D ToF camera module. The high integrated, low power consumption, high precision module is the ideal module for depth sensing applications.

Depth cameras built specifically for face recognition.

DOMI 3D Time-of-Flight Technology

DOMI provides high quality and reliable 3D ToF camera, ToF sensor, 3D depth camera, USB ToF modules etc., Be used for smart security, people counting, occupancy detection and gesture recognition etc.

DOMI ToF Camera

For Industries

Applications of Our ToF Technology

People Counting

People Counting

IoT Sensor for Open Space

IoT Sensor For Open Space

For Embedded Applications

For Embedded Applications

Fall Detection & Elderly Care

Fall Detection & Elderly Care

Occupancy Detection

Occupancy Detection

Guesture Recognition

Guesture Recognition


Who we are

We are a global leader in 3D depth camera markets

DOMI a leading innovator in the realm of Time of Flight (ToF) sensor manufacturing. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of sensor technology to provide cutting-edge solutions for industries that demand precision, speed, and accuracy.


What our customers say

DOMI’s cameras are the perfect complement to our gesture detection and activity monitoring software technology. They provide great 3D image quality which enables highly robust and accurate detection.

Ivan Faerber

Director, Broadcom

We are excited to partner with DOMI. DOMI’s 3D sensors enables us to provide training, prevention, and protection within one single device.

Diana Green

Founder, Blink

Working closely with DOMI team has enabled our robots to navigate confidently in uncontrolled environments around the general public and in all kinds of lighting conditions, from blazing sunlight to total darkness.

Alex Brown

Director, General Electric

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