DMOS5020 tof camera is the perfect choice for AR/VR applications

In AR/VR headsets, ToF 3D cameras can generate real-time 3D point clouds, enabling AR/VR software to better recognize the surrounding environment of any object of interest in the scene. This enhanced feature allows higher precision DSLR quality image effects for object positioning and facilitates more complex and dynamic interactions between virtual and actual elements of the scene. On the other hand, the system has the ability to detect player actions, without using a human-machine interface (HMI), allowing the game to interact intensively with virtual elements through gestures.

DOMI’s newly launched DMOS5020, the tiny tof camera can be integrated into a miniaturized camera module to provide accurate depth measurement of various distances for AR applications, while saving more than 40% of the power consumption of the image sensor. This DMOS5020 tof camera can achieve differentiated camera performance at various distances, lighting conditions and usage scenarios, while extending battery life for mobile devices. In addition, DMOS5020 tof camera can also achieve a smoother and more immersive AR experience, providing high-quality depth data capture, up to 5 meters, and no loss of resolution in a short distance.

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