Why is 3D depth camera applied to smartphones?

3D depth camera is very suitable for the application of the smartphone. It can realize many functions when installed in the smartphone. For example, the tof camera can be used for ranging, and the tof camera is divided into two types of cameras: single-point ranging and multi-point ranging. It’s like infrared light captured by a camera, by measuring the time it takes for an invisible beam of light to leave the camera and return, thereby creating a 3D “map” of space.
If the tof camera is regarded as 3D depth sensor, it can realize two functions, photography and augmented reality (AR), when it is applied to the smartphone. ToF cameras will allow smartphone to separate different objects. It can calculate the outline of the portrait to accurately identify and blur other objects.
For example: taking a photo, the tof camera can distinguish the foreground, thus showing a gorgeous bokeh effect (a kind of blur) on the photo image. In addition to the above functions, the ToF camera can also be used to measure distance, as well as height and width. So it is enough to see the importance of ToF cameras for full-featured AR.

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