ToF camera is more widely used in face recognition

With the rapid development of recognition technology, there are more and more cases where tof camera technology is applied to face recognition. Face recognition access control systems are used in many public places, replacing traditional access control. Face recognition access control has prospects in the security industry. how about it? ToF camera face recognition technology has been applied in office buildings, smart communities, and stations.

ToF camera for face recognition access control is more widely used. For example, it is used for identification and automatic charging management in pedestrian passages, villa areas, high-end residential areas, scenic spots, stations, office buildings, etc., as well as various clubs, hotels, entertainment venues, etc. The future development prospects are still very broad.
ToF camera for face recognition technology is widely used in factory attendance systems, consumption systems, community access control, ticket checking systems in scenic spots, and palm system management at construction sites. It is available in multiple configurations and can be used in all built environments, addressing all control issues in pedestrian access.
ToF camera is used for smart security, and security is a very important item in the smart city. The feature information is extracted by the tof camera to compare with the visitors, so as to ensure the safety of the visitors and improve the security level.

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