3D depth camera for the medical industry

Surgical robot is equipped with a 3D depth camera, which can realize the collaborative operation of “brain”, “eye” and “hand” in the operating room. The “brain” is the multi-modal image fusion system, the “eye” is the visual recognition and positioning system of the robot, and the “hand” is the operation end of the robot.
First, the robotic arm of the surgical robot accurately locates the surgical position planned by the doctor with the help of the 3D depth camera, that is, the “eye”, and displays the affected area and its precise three-dimensional information on the visual interface; This formulates the best surgical path; next, the robotic arm can also assist doctors to perform a series of surgical operations such as puncture, suction, and implantation etc.
Surgical robots can provide high-definition and realistic 3D images through the imaging system to help doctors divide the area that needs to be removed. Moreover, with the help of surgical robots, doctors can operate while sitting in front of the monitor, thereby reducing surgical fatigue caused by standing for long periods of time.
Application of 3D depth camera in medical field will be more and more widely used with the development of science and technology. DOMI 3D depth camera adopts the technical route to ensure the accuracy, and the volume is small. It is believed that it will have greater application in medical care.

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