Where can 3D depth camera be used?

May 18, 2022

Where can 3D depth camera be used? In fact, the scope is very broad:
SLAM can also be understood as 3D space modeling. Application scenario of 3D space modeling in mechanical vision, such as the robot vacuum at home – many very “smart” robot vacuum can memorize some positions in the home, walls, corner objects, etc., through this 3D depth camera technology stitching indoors space appearance to achieve.
Gesture Control, whether in consumer, automotive or industrial medical applications, there are some Touch Controls that are inconvenient to wear gloves or have no way to touch. Gesture Control is especially useful at this time.
Driver Monitoring System, for example, can monitor whether the driver’s eyes are looking forward, whether he has turned his head, is distracted, or is asleep.
People Counting, mainly used for indoor security, such as factory entrances and exits.
Let’s take a look at some applications of 3D depth maps on the product side:
In the AR (Augmented Reality) part of AR/VR, the current 3D modeling technology of objects is not complete, so this technology can perform 3D modeling for AR games, knowing the size and placement of each object in the space, and then many AR applications can be implemented.

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