What are the benefits of using ToF cameras for smartphones?

Phones have three and four cameras, some with ToF cameras, which are sensors that emit infrared beams to measure depth. The distance of objects in the photo can be calculated more accurately.
Although ToF cameras are a new technology, they have been around for a long time. ToF cameras are powerful enough to be used in AR and VR gaming devices to project a scene into a room. Therefore, AR and VR devices are able to create three-dimensional models of the surrounding environment. Regarding mobile phones, the quality of 3D scans can be improved with the help of the tof camera technology. It is precisely because only infrared light is emitted that depth can be calculated quickly and accurately.
Also, ToF cameras use less processor resources to perform their functions and therefore have minimal power consumption. In addition to that, facial recognition is faster because it doesn’t require external light. ToF camera also improves object scanning, gesture recognition, distance and volume measurement, portrait mode quality, and augmented reality.
What are the benefits of using ToF cameras for smartphones?
ToF cameras can still achieve higher image quality in low light conditions. In the smartphone application case, the ordinary camera is not ideal in places with poor brightness, and the auxiliary camera is only used to measure the background blur. Experience tells us that the operation of two cameras is not as effective as a camera and a ToF camera. ToF cameras can improve capture mode. There are also AI algorithms that analyze the scene and automatically set values like color or contrast to improve the quality of the shot. Also, the ToF camera works well even in high ambient light.

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