What scenarios can the miniature ToF sensors be used in?

There are three main applications of miniature ToF sensors-detection, ranging and energy-saving applications. Since the ToF ranging sensor was first used in the iPhone X front camera solution in 2015, it quickly set off the trend of its smartphone applications. After that, it has been widely used in smartphone front presence sensing and rear assisted focus application scenarios.
In addition to smart phones, it is also widely used in many other fields such as robot vacuum obstacle avoidance, projector assisted focus, camera assisted focus, smart lamps, smart sanitary ware such as automatic faucets, automatic soap dispensers, smart toilets, robots, drones, and so on. As shown below.

With the development of product applications, many scenarios have put forward more refined requirements, such as the background blur on the back of the smartphone, and face recognition applications require higher resolution ranging and larger detection angles, such as 64 Point (8*8) or 1024 points (32*32) or higher resolution.
In the future, with the further development of micro ToF sensor technology and multi-point ranging, when a larger angle and stronger performance are achieved, the micro ToF sensor will be applied in more fields.

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