What functions can tof camera achieve for face recognition?

Face recognition is used in many fields, such as somatosensory games. Many smartphones have begun to introduce floating gesture recognition. For example, when you are cooking or eating, you don’t need to touch the phone screen with your hands. With the 3D perception of the front ToF camera, you can perform common operations such as page turning and scrolling by waving your hand in front of the phone.

Not only in smartphone products, such as smart TV, interactive auxiliary devices, but also interactive methods for body movement recognition, face recognition for identity authentication, and ToF camera is also important for mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs, education panels and other devices one of the application directions, even if its accuracy is temporarily lower than that of structured light, the distance advantage and the higher and higher accuracy in the development of technology have laid the foundation for its application in this field. The changes in interaction methods can be more deeply reflected in home entertainment, such as somatosensory games with entertainment peripherals.

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