What is the advantage of tof camera compared with other depth cameras?

The biggest advantage of ToF cameras is their exquisite design and affordable price. Compared with other 3D cameras, ToF cameras are simpler. Their advantage is also reflected in the fact that users can easily separate objects from the scene, and this approach is the key to interpreting the data.

In addition, the ToF camera can operate normally without contrast, edges and angles; when the object passes by, the ToF camera can also be used during the movement of the object.
ToF cameras are often used in the field of logistics, such as measuring, identifying and positioning objects and packages. Because the camera can provide this critical information, the workflow will not be delayed. ToF cameras have different functions, so they can be used in many other different working environments.

The market for ToF cameras is constantly expanding and will provide more far-reaching uses in more fields in the future. Today’s ToF cameras have a wide range of uses: gesture-controlled entertainment equipment in cars, logistics operations, robotics and even medical applications.

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