What functions can ToF camera achieve on the mobile terminal?

Current ToF camera mobile applications include 3D fashion, 3D installation, AR games, somatosensory games, and holographic image interaction. Let’s take a game example.
Somatosensory games use ToF camera to collect the body depth information of the person being photographed, capture and collect body movements, make gesture judgments, control the image and movements of pre-made 3D modeling dolls, and realize real people and 3D virtual images to follow, using the body , Actions and gestures for game interaction.
Current application of 5G has accelerated the development of AR games. ToF camera has two characteristics of long measurement distance and high refresh rate, which brings greater advantages to AR/VR that requires long-distance 3D ranging. The ToF camera gesture recognition function will become the core interactive technology in the AR/VR field in the future.

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