3D ToF camera is the best choice for 3D perception ability of robot vacuum

In terms of ranging and obstacle avoidance related questions, it has been seen early on that robot vacuum equipment began to use stereo vision, structured light, and ToF (Time of Flight) technology. This process is the evolution of perception capabilities from 2D to 3D. Among them, the development route of ToF is more prominent.
Everyone knows that ToF is not a technology that has only been developed in the past two years. The use of such ToF technology for optical ranging has been quite mature in the past 5 or 6 years. Including the use of 3D ToF camera to enhance the experience. For example, the screen is equipped with a ToF module, which automatically lights up when someone is approaching; using 3D ToF camera can also be used for laser focusing of smartphone cameras and focusing of projectors; and obstacle avoidance by robots, such as robot vacuum.
In the specific application of robot vacuum, 3D ToF camera has inherent applicability. For example, within the same module volume, its measurement distance is larger than structured light; and it can work in strong light or dark light environment. The adaptability of the environment is higher than that of stereo vision. Therefore, the 3D ToF camera is the best choice for 3D perception ability of robot vacuum.

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