ToF Camera is the best choice for robot applications

ToF camera is a necessary module for all three-dimensional vision equipment. With it, the equipment can obtain the three-dimensional size and depth information of surrounding objects in real time, and understand the world more comprehensively. ToF camera provides basic technical support for indoor navigation and positioning, obstacle avoidance, motion capture, 3D scanning modeling and other applications. It has become a research hotspot in the industry today, and the market for robots and VR/AR has greatly promoted the demand for ToF cameras.

Currently there are three mainstream technologies for object depth detection: the first is (monocular) structured light technology, the main advantage is long recognition distance; but the hardware difficulty and cost are slightly higher, and it is only suitable for indoor environments. The second is binocular vision technology, which uses two RGB cameras to imitate human eyes for distance measurement, which has higher accuracy, but is easily affected by light. The third is the time-of-flight method (ToF camera), which can quickly calculate depth information in real time and perform accurate three-dimensional detection, which is very good in somatosensory game applications. DOMI has a variety of tof cameras that are very suitable for navigation, positioning, motion recognition and other applications. If need to know more, welcome to consult.

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