What are the application scenarios of ToF sensor?

ToF sensor has gradually become the standard configuration of smart phones, which can be used for multi-scene recognition applications, such as front and rear lenses for gesture recognition or face 3D recognition for secure payment, and AR/VR is also the application of ToF in 3D perception direction.

At present, the application scope of ToF sensors is mainly in consumer electronics and automobiles. However, we noticed that ToF image sensors still have great application prospects in addition to consumer electronics, especially in the field of Internet of Things. For example, the tof sensor is also used in smart homes, smart security, smart retail, people flow monitoring, etc. When used to recognize objects or face recognition, it is not only the current face recognition mode, but deep information can improve recognition. Accuracy. In the field of autonomous driving/in-vehicle perception, ToF sensors can also become important components for vehicle lidar, human body recognition in the vehicle, and gesture recognition in the vehicle. At present, many companies also implant ToF sensors in AGVs and robot arms for precise navigation and real-time obstacle avoidance.

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