What are the uses of tof camera in smartphones?

There are three major uses of tof camera in smartphones, namely photography, security, and entertainment.
As mentioned in previous articles, ToF components detect distance by emitting light. The light emitter here is like laser focusing, which can improve focusing speed and accuracy; on the other hand, ToF camera is like an excellent depth of field lens, It can provide a more natural background blur effect. The Huawei P30 Pro equipped with ToF technology is a smartphone that focuses on taking pictures. Through this technology, the main body of the photo is more prominent, the background is blurred.
Taking the Mate 30 Pro as an example, the tof camera is configured as a face recognition solution. Although the unlocking principles of the tof camera and structured light are different, the tof camera is also one of the ways of 3D imaging. In fact, in terms of security, the tof camera The security is not lower than that of structured light.
Smartphone equipped with a tof camera will have a better experience in AR modeling and somatosensory games. Whether it is measuring distance through AR or playing games, ToF technology can make the measurement data more accurate and the game experience further.

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