3D depth camera DM-RGBD-5002 for logistics industry

Recently, DOMI launched an industrial-grade 3D depth camera DM-RGBD-5002. This product integrates the research results of the team in recent years, combines RGB 2D images with ToF 3D technology, and outputs RGB and 3D depth images that overlap in time and space to meet the different usage scenarios of industrial customers and is suitable for industrial automation,intelligent logistics, intelligent driving, intelligent security, 3D modeling, AIoT and other fields that require 3D perception of objects and environments, construction of 3D models and analysis.
3D depth camera DM-RGBD-5002A Product features and advantages:
1. 3D ToF depth camera and 2D RGB camera are combined in one;
2. RGB global shutter, combined with the microsecond-level synchronization design of the depth image, can capture fast-moving targets more clearly and accurately;
3. ToF image resolution is high (640×480), and the viewing angle is large (which can be customized);
4. 2M/1M RGB color image resolution;
5. Gigabit Ethernet interface, the connection is more stable;
6. The impact of environmental interference is small, and it can work in strong light or darkness;
7. High cost performance, especially suitable for the logistics industry.

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