What are the advantages of DOMI ToF camera?

Compared with other solutions, DOMI ToF camera has the following advantages
● ToF camera with resolution of 640×480 is used, and its resolution is much higher than that of most other ToF solutions on the market.
● A highly sensitive sensor to 940nm wavelength is used. As mentioned earlier, ambient light will significantly reduce the signal-to-noise ratio of the reflected signal, especially under strong ambient light. 940nm lasers have become commonplace because this wavelength occupies a place in the sunlight spectrum, where the magnitude of photon flux is relatively low. The DOMI ToF camera can collect more valid signals in outdoor environments or areas with strong ambient light.
Adding depth information to 2D images can extract more effective information, thereby significantly improving the quality of scene information. For example, 2D image detection cannot distinguish between real people and photos. Extracting depth information can better distinguish and track facial and body features. ToF depth sensing can provide high-quality and reliable face recognition solutions for identity security verification. The higher the resolution and depth accuracy, the better the performance of the classification algorithm. It can be used for simple functions such as allowing access to mobile devices/private home spaces, or high-end applications such as providing access control in commercial sensitive areas.

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