What are the characteristics of ToF sensor applied to smartphones?

In the past 10 years, smartphones have been pursuing thinner and lighter size, longer battery life, sharper photos, and more powerful performance. In recent years, qualitative change has been gradually replaced by quantitative change. What is the breakthrough point of the next innovation? Maybe 3D.
Nowadays, people are no longer satisfied with the “vision in the screen”, but instead use the mobile phone as a node to connect the virtual and reality. In addition to the need to take more three-dimensional photos, more secure facial recognition/payment, 3D makeup try-on, AR decoration, AR games, somatosensory games, holographic image interaction and other application environments that require the support of “3D visual imaging” technology, are becoming intelligent The future development trend of mobile phones.
In the past two short years alone, it has become a mainstream trend for high-end mobile phone brands to join ToF sensor. Compared with other 3D imaging technologies, ToF sensor technology can support a longer working distance, with low module complexity and simple stacking.
What are the features of DOMI ToF sensor applied to smartphones:
The maximum working distance is 5 meters
High resolution, multiple depth points
Extremely low power consumption, 40% less power consumption at the imager
Accurate, reliable depth data in all lighting conditions
small size
Highly integrated CMOS imager and driver components

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