ToF camera makes robots smarter and more convenient

Nowadays, robots can be seen everywhere in our daily life. There are various types of robots, such as industrial robots, service robots, inspection robots etc. Their popularity has brought convenience to our lives. If the robot cannot perceive and measure the environment quickly and accurately during the movement, the robot is likely to collide with obstacles or people, resulting in economic losses or personal safety accidents.
DOMI tof camera can achieve fast, accurate and stable distance measurement. Integrating tof camera into the robot can provide the robot with real-time distance information, help the robot to quickly and accurately identify surrounding objects, and achieve fast and accurate obstacle avoidance.
ToF camera Product advantages
1. Excellent ranging performance
2. Small size, easy to embed inside the robot;
3. The measurement frequency is high and can be adapted to various operating speeds;
4. Low power consumption;
5. Low cost, a variety of models to choose from;
6. The special obstacle recognition algorithm can accurately identify the obstacle information;
7. Provide SDK to improve development efficiency;
Install the tof camera in front of or around the robot. The installation height can be adjusted according to the robot shape and scene requirements, which can provide effective information to the robot. The robot can move autonomously. In the early warning zone, the tof camera will remind the robot to slow down, Steering and other operations to avoid collision between the robot and obstacles.

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