ToF sensor is perfect choice for smartphone applications

The working principle of the ToF sensor has been introduced in the previous content.ToF sensor emits a spectrum. During the flight, it encounters an object, and then it reflects back. smartphone receives the reflected information and completes an information collection. The speed of light is known, and we can accurately determine the distance as long as we know the time difference between the emitted light and the illuminated light. Thus, a very accurate picture depth information is provided to the mobile phone. It can also make your photos more layered. The ToF sensor device is behind the camera mainly to collect some depth-of-field information. The ToF sensor is placed on the front of the phone. In addition to collecting depth-of-field information, it can also be applied to the level of face unlocking. And because it scans more finely and can generate 3D stereo images, its security level has reached the security level of face payment.
The requirements for the measurement environment of the ToF sensor are not so large, so there will be no large data deviation when used in different environments. The application of the ToF sensor to the smartphone can directly transmit the depth of field information to the mobile phone without secondary calculation, so It has an advantage over traditional cameras because there is one less intermediate calculation link. And the ToF sensor is relatively easy to mass-produce, so the cost is relatively low, and the volume is small, which is very easy to integrate.
Finally,advantages of ToF sensor are roughly as follows: 1. Richer depth of field information, making photos more layered; 2. Safer 3D face recognition and support for face payment; 3. Allow your camera to support Some simple 3D gameplay; 4. Its smaller size can make the size of the mobile phone smaller; 5. It has small requirements on the environment, and can also make the position of the lens module more flexible; 6. The cost is lower, which can make the Cheaper phones also use this lens.

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