RGBD camera DM-RGBD-5001A is a perfect solution for smart door locks

DM-RGBD-5001A tof camera is a comprehensive RGBD camera product independently developed by DOMI. ToF depth camera measures the depth information of objects within the visual range. The RGB camera is used to obtain the color and texture information of the physical surface. Algorithms such as contour separation, , and regional monitoring can be applied to financial payment, smart door locks, robots, security, logistics, VR/AR, somatosensory games, smart home, industrial inspection and other fields.
DM-RGBD-5001A is a GBD camera suitable for 3D face recognition. It is a perfect solution for smart door locks. It can cooperate with door lock manufacturers to realize the face unlocking function. The product has high security, high stability, low power consumption, extremely fast recognition speed, and strong environmental adaptability. It is suitable for home households, apartments, hotels and other scenarios.

RGBD camera DM-RGBD-5001A product specification

size 80mm(L)×16mm(D)×20mm(H)
Operating temperature 10℃~60℃
transmission USB2.0
Supported Linux/Windows10

TOF Key parameters

Sensor size 1/2.7″
Resolution 320×240
Frame rate 5~30fps
FOV 71.8°(H)×56.5°(V)
measuring range 0.3~2m
Depth accuracy Depth accuracy
Power consumption 400mW@Typical
Power supply USB 5.0V±5%@2A

RGB key parameter

Sensor size 1/2.7″
Resolution 1920*1080
Frame rate 30fps
FOV 60°(H)*43°(V)
SNR ≥40dB
HDR ≥95dB
transmission USB2.0
power supply USB 5.0V±5%@1A
Power consumption 750mW@HDR 1080P@30fp


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