How to solve the problem that the measurement accuracy of the tof camera?

When the measurement accuracy of the tof camera is not enough, you can calibrate it . If there is a fixed deviation between the measured value and the actual value of the sensor, the usual practice is to re-calibrate to establish a mapping relationship between the measured value and the actual value. For the ToF camera, the camera can be fixed on the guide rail, measure the distance against a white wall, and establish a corresponding relationship between the measurement value of each pixel and the distance between the white wall imaging area and the camera, and then according to this Corresponding relationship, a more accurate distance value can be obtained by correcting the measured value.
If that doesn’t fix it, see if there is a problem with the tof camera installation. The tof camera is an active ranging method. The accuracy of the measurement is interfered by many factors. If the installation is not suitable, it may introduce problems such as multi-path, resulting in the distortion of the ranging accuracy.
Especially when the tof camera is installed next to a high reflectivity object to measure a low reflectivity target object, it will perform particularly well. It may have been ideal to measure the distance according to the blue path, but the light reflected from the wall will also propagate to the target object and then be reflected back to the camera (green light path), and even the illumination light of the camera will illuminate nearby objects with high reflectivity. Bright enters the camera directly (red path), and due to the imperfection of the optical system, glare is formed, which interferes with ranging.

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