ToF sensor for driving safety monitoring

How to drive is the safest? How to avoid automobile traffic accidents? First of all, to avoid fatigue driving, a driver monitoring system is very necessary. According to reports, starting in 2020, a standard for the EU five-star safety certification is the driver monitoring system. The research organization predicts that by 2026, 17.5 million cars will be installed with this system.
ToF sensor produced by DOMI is suitable for this driver detection system. Through tof camera installed in the car, Detecting whether the driver has closed eyes, tilted his head, or lowered his head to determine the driver’s fatigue index and focus. It can send out safe driving reminders in real time, and combine the speed of driving and steering information to adjust the alarm strategy in real time in different driving conditions.
At the same time, the driver can also make some gestures and actions, which are tracked and recognized by the on-board camera, and then make some instructions to the vehicle to achieve true intelligence. In addition to safety monitoring in the car, DOMI also provides tof camera for sensing the environment outside the car, real-time monitoring and perception of the environment outside the car, and providing the driver with early warning information such as rear-end collision, collision avoidance, lane departure etc.


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