In the future, what applications can micro ToF sensor be used?

micro ToF sensor for automatic faucets

In addition to mobile phones, Micro ToF sensors are also widely used in vacuum robot avoidance, projector assisted focus, camera assisted focus, smart lamps, smart sanitary ware such as automatic faucets, automatic soap dispensers, smart toilets, robots, drones and many other fields.
At present, most of the applications of miniature ToF sensors are still in single-point ranging (only the distance value of one point can be output). With the development of product applications, many scenarios have put forward more refined requirements, such as mobile phones. Setting the background blur, face recognition applications, etc. require higher resolution ranging and larger detection angles, such as 64 points (8*8) or 1024 points (32*32) or higher resolution.

Due to the improvement of resolution and the increase of detection angle, higher requirements are put forward for the calculation and storage of the D-Tof sensor, the size of the sensor, the heat dissipation of the VCSEL at the transmitter, and the optical components. This is also the direction of major breakthroughs in the future of miniature ToF sensors.


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