Tof camera for logistics industry

Tof camera is the perfect solution for size and volume measurement

Mainstream 3D camera has three technical solutions: structured light, ToF, and binocular imaging. Among them, ToF (Time of flight) technology, because of the high consistency of accurate values, strong adaptability to the environment, and To achieve long-distance recognition, it is mostly used in the AR field of mobile phone rear cameras. In fact, in addition to mobile phones, ToF is an indispensable basic technology in more scenarios of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

Nowadays, More and more orders for online shopping, logistics companies can also deal with it calmly. The express delivery capacity and operational efficiency are continuously improved, and the logistics technology is constantly updated. When Tof camera is applied to the measurement program,Only need to scan the express with Tof camera, and the three-dimensional dimensions of its length, width and height will be directly generated. With the addition of tof camera, not only can the generation efficiency of express data information be effectively improved, but also the error rate can be greatly reduced.

In addition to object measurement, ToF cameras can also be used for real-time inspection of cargo loading. Using the long-distance 3D camera module, in the logistics cargo hold or warehouse, the measurement and loading rate can be digitized and accurate in real time to help logistics companies optimize costs and management.

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