Tof sensor for automated industrial production

Safety is always the primary issue to be considered in the automatic industrial production of robots, especially when robots are in a crowded working environment, they must be able to recognize people and machinery as well as mechanical actions, and make a quick response to avoid injury. Therefore, all kinds of robots in automated factories need to avoid obstacles autonomously. If lidar is used to solve the problem, the cost will be relatively high, and the dual camera scheme requires a lot of calculation and the tuning of the precise position of the dual camera, while ToF Sensor becomes the best choice of cost-effective solution to the above problems.

DOMI Tof sensor can provide a variety of flexible solutions for algorithms, use ToF signal processors with infrared light sensing components, and use components with ToF distance measurement technology, which can be applied to safety protection in industrial automation program. In addition, DOMI tof sensor solution can also effectively increase the recognition of images, achieve the accuracy of object judgment, provide machine vision that previous machines did not have, and avoid the defects of lidar and dual-camera solutions.

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