Tof camera is widely used, what are its advantages?

The biggest advantage of ToF cameras is their exquisite design and affordable price. Compared with other 3D cameras, ToF cameras are simpler. They also have the advantage of being able to easily separate objects from the scene, and this approach is the key to interpreting the data. In addition, ToF cameras can operate normally without contrast, edges and angles;When the object passes by, the ToF camera can also be used during the movement of the object.
Advantages of ToF cameras
High speed
Provide 2D and 3D information in multi-part images
High X/Y resolution
Compact system with no moving parts
Ideal for working in low light conditions
Ensure eye safety
No structure or contrast requirements
As long as a strong enough light source is provided, a long working distance can be achieved
Low overall system cost
Highly real-time


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