3D tof camera applied in the industrial field

Faced with tasks such as complex object identification and size measurement, as well as the complex interaction required by human-computer interaction, 2D vision has technical limitations in terms of accuracy and distance measurement, and the market demand for 3D tof cameras is increasing day by day.

3D tof camera improves the autonomy and efficiency of robot/machine systems in industrial automation applications, and provide key capabilities such as high-precision quality inspection, reverse engineering and object measurement unmatched by 2D vision. On the other hand, the application of vision system-guided robots is growing. This technology requires 3D tof camera to achieve better remote guidance, obstacle recognition and precise movement.

3D tof camera can also protect factory workers who need a lot of human-computer interaction, prevent and eliminate dangerous situations at the system level, and use the monitoring system to count the number of workers in the factory and distinguish workers from robots or objects.

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