ToF sensor can accurately measure the distance of the object

ToF sensor can accurately measure the distance of the object, so it can actually be regarded as a high-end version of “laser focusing”, which can actively measure the distance of the subject in a larger distance range and lower light intensity effect. In this way, even in ultra-close-up macro photography or low-light photography in ultra-low light environments, with the assistance of the ToF sensor, the smartphone’s camera can “know” where the object it wants to shoot is. “Invisible” also focuses accurately and is faster.

Because the ToF sensor can measure the distance relationship of various objects within its range of action, this is equivalent to giving the mobile phone a “3D scene information” of the subject, compared to based on optical phase contrast. Solution, the blurred edge of the camera assisted by the ToF sensor will obviously be much more accurate. Whether it is a portrait cutout or a photo first and then focusing, with the real spatial distance coordinates, the effect that can be achieved will undoubtedly be more worth looking forward to.
ToF sensor was originally a technology for AR, 3D ranging, photo modeling, and somatosensory operation, but it is also widely used in the field of smartphones. The excellent performance of ToF technology on smartphones is actually reflected by its small size and easy integration, and can enhance the performance of existing camera systems.

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