ToF cameras have a wide range of applications

Apr 25, 2022

ToF cameras have a wide range of applications. In automotive applications, ToF cameras can be used for automatic driving, collision avoidance automatic braking, and OOP. ToF camera provides a real-time distant image, so it can be used to record human movements very easily. This enables many consumer electronic products (such as TVs) to have a new interaction method. Take the use of ToF sensors in mobile phone autofocus as an example. In the past, the autofocus function usually used a set of data calculation methods integrated in the image signal processor of the mobile phone. After the viewfinder captures the most original images, these image data will be sent to the image signal processor as raw data, and the image signal processor will analyze the raw data to check the density difference between adjacent pixels in the image, from which Picking out the best frame of image is the photo presented in front of our eyes. The autofocus system using the ToF sensor detects the distance between the object and the camera to focus, reducing the number of image frames captured by the camera, and can quickly and clearly capture images even in low light. In terms of video, accurate distance measurement and image capture can be performed within two meters of movement.
Distance measurement of the future ToF camera will increase the sensing distance, which requires the receiver to detect more photons. In addition to the structure, it also needs optical assistance. It can also capture more photons through the concave-convex lens to achieve further distance. Optical ranging for distance. It will become one of the most basic technologies to realize our future intelligent social living environment.

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