How does the ToF camera measure distance?

ToF camera the sensor emits modulated near-infrared light, which is reflected after encountering an object. The sensor converts the distance of the captured scene by calculating the time difference or phase difference between light emission and reflection to generate depth information. In addition, combined with traditional camera,the three-dimensional outline of the object can be presented in a topographic map with different colors representing different distances.

The infrared light of the tof camera is reflected by the measured object and returns to the sensor, and the built-in timer records its round-trip time, and then its distance can be calculated. It sounds like it’s not that different from ultrasonic ranging. But in fact, it is different. Ultrasonic ranging has higher requirements for reflective objects, and objects with small areas, such as lines and conical objects, cannot be measured. Tof camera infrared ranging can completely overcome this problem, and tof camera ranging accuracy High, long range, fast response.

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