3D tof Cameras are the core components of smartphones

3D tof Cameras for smartphone

In recent years, related technologies in the field of smartphones have been updated rapidly. Due to the gradual increase in people’s daily needs, the functions of mobile phones, such as photography, sensing, and recognition, have attracted special attention. Therefore, the trend of increasing the usage of mobile phone cameras is still accelerating, especially for new 3D cameras. Innovative use will also provide gains in the field of mobile phone cameras, especially the application of 3D tof cameras with VCSEL lasers as the core key components in mobile phones, driving related markets.

Compared with traditional cameras, 3D tof cameras can not only obtain planar images, but also obtain depth information of the subject, that is, three-dimensional position and size information. It usually consists of multiple cameras + depth sensors. The 3D tof camera realizes real-time three-dimensional information collection, and adds object perception functions to consumer electronics terminals, including face recognition, three-dimensional modeling, and driving assistance. The 3D tof camera changes the interactive mode from flat to three-dimensional.


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