What are the benefits of using a people counter?

Optimize Costs and Reduce Expenses
In addition to counting people entering and exiting,Room occupancy data provided by people counting systems can be utilized to optimize HVAC and lighting systems according to need.

For example, lights may be automatically switched on and off depending on whether a room is occupied or not. Heating can be set to only heat specific areas as required, automatically ramping down as people begin to leave the building at the end of the working day.

Ventilation can also be directed to specific areas in direct response to personnel distribution and movement.

The use of people counting technology to automate ventilation, heating and lighting systems can lead to sizeable reductions in energy usage, also resulting in considerable reductions in both carbon emissions and energy expenditure.

Gaining Insight into Room Occupancy
By accurately monitoring room occupancy, people counting solutions help facilitate the straightforward calculation of people density in rooms and corridors.

People Counting from DOMI
DOMI’s people counting devices offers accurate people counting data.

The instrument’s use of ToF technology allows it to accurately monitor the number of people entering and exiting doorways or corridors, allowing organizations to maintain accurate people counting data without the inherent privacy concerns associated with other technologies.

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