High precision Tof camera DMOM2501A using VCSEL illumination

Oct 26, 2021

In the past ten years, the technology in the field of smart phones has been changing rapidly at any time, and the most intuitive experience of mobile phone terminal users is the improvement and improvement of the functions of mobile phones such as photography, sensing, and recognition. Therefore, the shipment of mobile phone cameras is growing rapidly. In particular, next-generation cameras such as 3D sensor cameras have become new growth points for mobile phone lens manufacturers. With the release of IPHONE X in 2017, major manufacturers have also added 3D sensor cameras with VCSEL lasers as key components to their mobile phones.

In order to meet these increasing application requirements, DOMI provides customers with a high precision, high-efficiency integrated solution tof camera DMOM2501A using VCSEL illumination, which can be applied to face recognition, human-computer interaction, security, People counting and motion analysis, Multiple scenes such as 3D modeling.

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