ToF camera is more suitable for AR/VR than 3D structured light

Oct 27, 2021

AR/VR will redefine our lives in the future. We know that ToF camera can measure distance and obtain 3D image information. It is a combination of virtual and real three-dimensional information. Whether it is in somatosensory games, film and television effects or online shopping experience, with the advancement of 5G high-speed network, it will be useful for AR , VR has a greater impact.

Apple application of AR/VR on the iPad, the device may be equipped with a ToF camera. It can be used for functions such as 3D photography, 3D recognition and 3D modeling, 3D vision, somatosensory games and so on.

Face id
3D model of the face is obtained by emitting infrared rays to the human face and then viewing the changes in the light.
Both 3D structured light and ToF camera both for 3D perception, but the principle is different:
Face ID emits a lot of light points to the measured object.
ToF camera emits a whole surface of light, so the attenuation of the light information of the ToF camera will be much lower. In theory, as long as the power of the transmission is increased, the ToF camera camera can ensure a sufficiently long application distance.

Working distance of the 3D structured light represented by Face ID is only 0.2 to 1.2 meters, while the distance of the ToF camera is 0.4 to 5 meters. So ToF camera is more suitable to be placed on the rear camera to do more scene application expansion.

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