ToF cameras are ideal for robotic vision perception applications

3D visual perception is a newly emerging technology in recent years. In the field of smartrobots, more robots are about to be equipped with 3D vision systems. This measure will better help robots perform environmental perception and tap potential applications. Achieve higher degrees of freedom and flexibility, and have better scene adaptability. DOMI’s ToF camera is very suitable for robot vision perception applications, and has reached cooperation with related companies.
ToF cameras can calculate the distance to each point in the scene based on the time the light takes to return to the camera. Instead of scanning the image line by line, ToF camera systems illuminate the entire scene at once and then measure the phase difference of the light reflected back to the image sensor. This raw data can be captured quickly, and the method required to calculate distances is relatively simple, allowing ToF cameras to achieve extremely high frame rates.
ToF camera has strong anti-lighting ability, better environmental adaptability, and does not require high computing power. Secondly, there is basically no blind spot in ToF. For example, many binocular cameras will have a blind spot within 30cm. If an object enters this area and the camera cannot recognize it, it may be considered that the front is safe, but the ToF camera will recognize it accurately. , there will be no blind spots, so the security will be higher.

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