What is the use of the ToF camera in the smartphone?

Mar 23, 2022

Among the several lenses of some smartphones, you will find that one lens is very special. It does not participate in imaging and seems to be useless. Then you are wrong. In the future, it will show its talents and build a virtual 3D scene! This lens is the ToF camera.
The full name of ToF camera is time of flight, which is to measure the distance of the object by measuring the time difference between the reflection of the object after the light is emitted. According to the measurement method, it can be divided into direct measurement and indirect measurement. The indirect measurement of the speed of light is referred to as iTOF, which usually emits infrared light. The advantage is that the resolution can be made high. However, the accuracy is low and the cost is cheap. At present, mobile phones are widely used. Direct measurement of the speed of light is referred to as dTOF, which emits laser light and has higher precision. The pixel size should not be made small, the resolution is usually lower, and the cost is more expensive. Apple recently released the iPad Pro using this technology.
So what is the use of ToF technology?
ToF camera can measure the distance from the object to the smartphone, so as to realize the three-dimensional modeling of space objects.

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