ToF camera solution for Face recognition

Face recognition is a very mature technology in the field of video surveillance. Tof camera can realize face recognition in the terminal. In the field of video surveillance, we often care about the size of the face recognition camera, the maximum number of face detections, the recognition rate and other specifications.
Through the three-dimensional information of the face provided by the ToF camera, the tof camera system has a high recognition rate due to its insensitivity to changes in ambient light. It extracts features from the three-dimensional face data and trains the classification through machine learning methods. The developed system can quickly identify and judge faces, so it has high potential in biometric identification applications with high real-time requirements.
ToF camera low-power technology is used for face recognition, combined with the Internet of Things, to develop a networked face recognition smart lock, which is connected to the management platform through a variety of networked communication methods to provide stable, efficient and accurate management of houses, hotels and rental houses.
The solution of tof camera for face recognition mainly includes a property management platform, networked face recognition smart lock,face recognition registration machine and related communication equipment.

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