3D depth camera DM_RGBD_5002A is suitable for wearable device

3D depth camera DM_RGBD_5002A with a 640*480 resolution RGB Sensor, can be used in scenes that require RGB information at the same time; supports a variety of operating interfaces Windows/Linux/Android/ROS, plug and play, easy to operate, fast Get started. It has the characteristics of high resolution and high precision, supports industrial-grade standard design of large-angle lens, high reliability, high stability, suitable for Smart TV/Phone, 3D printing, Wearable device, Machine vision, Human-computer interaction, Robotics navigation , Volume measurement, etc.

3D depth camera DM_RGBD_5002A product specification

ToF Sensor Resolution Up to 640*480@25fps
RGB Sensor Resolution 1280*960@30fps
Distance Range 0.2m-5m
Wavelength 940nm
Accuracy 2%@ Center 10*10 pixel
ToF FOV H64°* V51°
RGB FOV H76°* V61°
Size 79mm * 35mm * 15.7mm
Interface USB2.0
Power Supply USB2.0(5V/2A)
Power Consumption Average<3.6W@25fps
Operating System Windows/Linux/Android/ROS
Operating Temperature -10℃-45℃
Security Class I Laser
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