Introduce tof camera related knowledge

With the continuous improvement of market demand and the continuous development of 3D vision technology, ToF technology is more and more applied to various industry scenarios. In order to allow developers and users to understand and get started with tof camera products more quickly, this article will introduce some terminology explanations about tof camera parameters.
Parameter interpretation
Detection distance               The distance from the ToF camera to the detected target
frame rate                             frame rate of the ToF camera, the number of output depth maps per second
Light source wavelength       The wavelength of the light source that the ToF camera actively emits is usually 850nm and 940nm.
Multi-machine coexistence    Need multiple ToF cameras in one scene
Communication Interface      External output interface of ToF camera, including power interface and communication interface
Product power consumption Power supply and power consumption of ToF cameras
After years of experience in the ToF industry, DOMI not only provides cost-effective standard products, but also provides comprehensive customized services including hardware, software, algorithms, and optics. Combined with the actual use scenarios of customers, according to the core requirements, we can deeply customize the structure size, interface, operating distance, optical angle and operating system platform SDK of hardware products, and tailor-made ToF module products for customer projects.

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