Tof camera is the perfect choice for volume measurement

Measuring the volume of a single object is another major task in the logistics industry. Measuring the volume of an object, as well as evaluating its position and size, is one of the important factors in calculating transportation costs. Measure the volume of a packed item and from this figure the shipping cost can be calculated. If this process can be automated, the cost can be significantly reduced. Tof camera is the perfect choice for volume measurement applications, which can realize volume measurement automation in logistics industry.

Volume measurement and positioning based on 3D data offer many advantages for a wide range of industry applications, including automated warehouse management and rapid replenization of containers and aircraft. tof camera calculates relevant volume information and optimizes the configuration of cargo accordingly. Tof Camera allows automated warehouses to operate more efficiently. Efficient automated warehouses streamline workflow, save time, and reduce the error rate in selecting and storing goods.

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