Tof camera is the perfect choice for medical

Tof camera is the perfect choice for medical imaging applications. 3D image data brings a series of potential applications for medical treatment: such as patient placement and monitoring, physical examination and X-ray diagnosis.

ToF camera for MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) or CT scan (computerized tomography) can provide the best positioning of the patient. The point cloud data in the reference image and the point representing the location of the patient
Cloud data for comparison. The purpose of this is to accurately move the patient to the same position as the reference image.

ToF cameras are also used in the intensive care unit. People are replacing traditional monitoring cameras on a large scale because the depth data of ToF cameras allows nurses to monitor the ward and patients from a distance.

The ToF camera can detect the position of the patient (even the case where the patient is covered by objects). Excellent algorithm, the camera can find out which patients may have seizures, or warn when suspicious data appears.

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