3D ToF cameras are widely used in consumer electronics

Compared with 2D images, 3D tof camera can obtain richer position relationships between objects through distance information, that is, distinguish foreground and background. The acquired depth information can be used for traditional applications such as segmentation, marking, recognition, of target images.tof camera with the help of the characteristics of CMOS, a large amount of data and information can be obtained, which is extremely effective in judging the posture of complex objects; in interactive entertainment applications, tof camera can be used for motion and posture detection and facial expression recognition; when making film and television special effects, the 3D tof camera can Information is attached to the video image to accurately determine the spatial position of each pixel in the scene. Through simple post-processing, special effect props can be inserted into any position of the movie.

In addition, whether it is fixed or mobile, 3D tof camera can be used as an excellent input device. The gesture recognition capabilities of 3D tof cameras are particularly suitable for consumer electronics, such as games, handheld devices and home entertainment. 3D tof cameras can replace remote controls, mice, and touch screens.

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