Tof camera is preferred depth sensing method

tof camera for people counting

Tof camera is preferred depth sensing method due to their smaller size, wide dynamic sensing range, and the ability to work in a variety of environments. With the advancement of image sensing technology, tof camera has been more commonly used. With more efficient performance, DOMI ToF camera has been applied to smart phones, smart door locks, face recognition, and consumer electronics and gaming devices.
Tof camera with the further maturity of technology, in logistics, quality inspection, navigation, robotics, face recognition, security, safety, medical health and driver monitoring, these applications have the opportunity to use 3D depth sensing ToF technology to solve many traditional The problem of the powerlessness of 2D technology. The combination of high-resolution depth data with powerful classification algorithms and AI will unlock many new application directions.

For example, tof camera uses depth information to people counting in many challenging conditions, such as in low-light or no ambient light environments, and in areas with high population density, using depth information in the application of tof camera. And in the case where the personnel dress is complicated (for example, wearing a hat, scarf, etc.). Most importantly, people counting errors can almost be eliminated. Today, stereo cameras can be used for entry and exit detection, but due to the limitations of mechanical size (two sensors) and high processor requirements, stereo vision is often expensive and large in size. Using DOMI ToF technology to directly output the depth map, only one tof camera is needed, which can reduce the overall size and processing requirements.

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