Tof camera for forklift truck collision avoidance

At present,Tof camera can not only be used in automobiles, but also in forklift truck.helps the driver avoid collisions by issuing acoustic and visual warnings,even in harsh production environments. The rear area of a forklift truck is difficult to see, which places a significant burden on drivers, particularly in hard to navigate areas and under difficult weather conditions. Drivers aren’t always able to rely on their perception in these situations because a lot of concentration is required when moving these loads.

For example, when transporting heavy objects through warehouse areas, navigating safely within this space can be challenging. Drivers need to pay particular attention to their environment when they are reversing to avoid collisions with static or moving objects.At this time, tof camera is very important.Because Tof camera mounted on the forklift truck as a standalone solution delivers reliable collision warnings even in poor conditions.

The rugged and powerful tof camera from DOMI is unaffected by temperature fluctuations, rain, and unevenness in the floor. tof camera identifies objects in difficult to see areas and classifies them to takes the load off the driver and increases the collision protection and productivity in areas of use.


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